Another Disappearing 9 Patch

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I had so much fun making this Disappearing 9 Patch for little Cheyanne, I decided to make another one for my room mate from college, Sarah,  who is expecting a little one in May. Sarah has an amazing amount of self control and decided to not find out the sex of her wee one so I opted for some fabric that will be great for a little girl or boy.

Fabric Choices









When I picked out these beauties, I didn’t have my thinking cap on enough to count that I needed 5 fabrics to complete the 9 square, I purchased 4. Luckily, I have a small fabric stash and I was able to steal some orange to go along with the four leaf fabrics. I started this quilt by cutting the fabrics into the 5 inch squares and laid them out into the bottom pattern.

9 Patch Blocks









I am a very visual person so I can’t keep track of things unless I lay them out. I sewed together my 9 patch and kept trucking right along.

After sewing together the 9 patch, I made the two cuts and turned the blocks to get the final block that I wanted.

9 Patch= Gone

I really liked the way that the blocks melded together so I opted to not put a border between each of the blocks to make the quilt look like it is one large block that is more impressive than the effort that goes into it.

Quilt Top

I finished the top off by putting a border around to match.

Top with Border

I am planning on doing the finishing myself so I will update on how that goes.