Sleep Pants

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I bought a pair of sleep pants at a huge discount store and they cut the label out of them so I have no idea who made them or even what size they are but they are the most comfortable sleep pants I have ever owned.

I have a bunch of plaid fabric left over from my grandma’s shirt making days that she handed down. I decided to re-create these sleep pants.

I started laying the pants out and tracing around them onto wrapping paper. I am sure there are better ways to do this but this was the only paper that I owned that was long enough to have one piece.

Once the pattern was traced with 1/2 inch seam allowances, I cut out the plaid. You need make no comment on how awesome that wrapping paper is.

I cut out two pieces of my pattern on the fold. this means that I only have two seams, one up each leg to make the legs. I sewed my seam, checked the size by trying them on and then did a zigzag stitch on my seam so that it will not fray in the wash. I do not have a surger so I just used the zigzag. I used a white thread because I already had the bobbins wound and was lazy. They are just sleep pants so I was not too worried about aesthetics.

I put in an elastic waste and a pocket on the back because there is nothing more annoying than lounge pants and nowhere to put your phone.

This is what I ended up with. They are comfy and wonderful. I did a little detail of puppies on the pocket.

Please forgive the model, she is not a professional. The photographer is not up to my usual standards either.

I am happy with my pants and they were a good warm up to make my Easter skirt that I will have a post on soon.

I will leave you with these cute puppies and the pillow cases that I made.



Spring has Sprung

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I have a bunch of back posts to catch up on in the next few days so get excited for an onslaught.

In the mean time, I wanted to share a few pictures that I took of the beautiful scenery on my block right now.

These are the Tulips in my neighbor’s yard. They always have the most beautiful flowers.

Another picture from the neighbor’s yard.

For some reason this fence spoke to me. I walk by it in the alley in front of my house all the time and it just looked particularly lovely this day.

These are the cutest bricks I have ever seen. Here is a close up.

The light was absolutely beautiful this day. Not too harsh. Allowed for some very nice spring pics.

Hope that your spring is as beautiful as mine has been. You will hear from me again soon. I will leave you with a picture of my unphotogenic little dog, Gus. He is still so cute.


Odds, Ends and Greens

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We have had some unseasonably warm weather this winter. We have not been below freezing for a few weeks and it is not forecasted to be too cold again for the next few weeks so I took a gamble and planted my greens. I worked up the garden where I put my herbs last year because it is in the nook of our house and is protected and allows for me to protect the plants if we do get a cold snap.

I planted kale in two rows closest to the house and then planted spinach next to the kale. I mixed three packets of lettuce seed and then just sprinkled it in the middle section.

I have been working on some larger projects lately that are still in progress and I am behind blogging about some smaller ones. This post will act as a preview of some awesome things to come as well as a look back at somethings that I overlooked.

I am working on a smaller lap blanket. You might recognize the “LOVE Blocks” from a couple of posts ago. I made myself a set of the blocks and I am adding some paper pieced heart blocks. I am really happy with how this is turning out and I will update you as I make more progress.

I am using up scraps of fabric from the apron what was not after I messed up the cutting for my friend Sarah. I made her a set of the “Love Blocks” that she is using as a table runner, she loved them. I had a bunch of fabric left over and I really like the color combination and how it is coming together. I love this fabric and I can make myself feel better about my crafting when I do not have to go buy a bunch of supplies for a project.

I used this same fabric to make a gift for some friends at Christmas.


They wanted to learn to knit so put together a kit with some yarn (from my stash), some knitting needles and I made these carrying cases to keep all their goodies in. You can see that the top pockets have a closure. The middle pockets are for knitting needles and other straight longer supplies like a ruler, etc. The bottom pockets can hold circular needles or really anything else. The kit all folds up into an easy to store and carry bundle.





Two Color Star

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I finished the fifth quilt block in this Solstice Stars Series quilt along. Two Color Star is the last block in this series. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I did cheat a little and made a three color star. I am still working on finishing using up the fabric samples and none that matched my other blocks had enough fabric to make the rest of this block out of. This is a pieced quilt block and it actually came together better than my other pieced blocks so I think I am making progress on improving my skills.


I am pleased with how the quilt is coming together. I think that I have a plan on how I want to finish these blocks and make them into a quilt. Here are the five stars together.

Nebraska Weekend

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Over President’s Day weekend, the husband and I made the trek north to see a good friend from college. I had never been to Nebraska before so we hit the road for Omaha. We had a great weekend and I really enjoyed seeing Trevor again and visiting a new city.

We arrived on Friday evening and Trevor treated us to dinner at a wonderful steak house called Fleming’s. This place was so good. A little on the high end of our food budget but it delivered. I had a filet and a mozzarella salad. Tasted amazing. Alex had a KC Strip and a Cesar salad. Trevor had a prime rib and a Cesar salad. All three steaks were fantastic. They were tender and had great flavor. I think that I would drive back up to Omaha just to eat there again.

The evening was perfect. Good food, good wine and great friends. I could not ask for more.

The next day Trevor took us up to the pedestrian bridge. This turned out to be pretty cool because you start on the bridge walking in Nebraska, you cross over the Missouri River and then half way, you cross into Iowa.

We took the ridiculous but to be expected tourist shots where we were in two places at once.














The day started great and really just got better. We went to a yarn store, a tea shop, a few other shops and we ended up stopping at a super nerdy game shop where we purchased an expansion pack to Carcassonne. We ate at a great pizza place and then played games the rest of the day.

Trevor made us lunch on Sunday and we headed home.

We had a great weekend but I was sick most of the time so when we were not doing something awesome, I was curled up with The Hunger Games on my iPad. I could have have asked for a better weekend.

Sausage and Spinach Pie

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My mom is one of those cooks that no matter what she has in her refrigerator or her pantry, she can throw together a meal that is tasty and new. I am blessed to be raised in that environment because, while I am not as skilled as she is, I can usually find something to throw together.

This Sausage and Spinach Pie is an example of a “thrown together” meal. I took a bunch of left overs that we we had in the fridge and put this together.

I started out by laying out my store bought and rolled out pie crust. My grandma would be ashamed that I use store bought crusts but I have yet to consistently be able to make a decent pastry on my own. I follow her recipe and grew up watching her make pies but when I try to fly solo, I fail. Maybe I will do a crust lab and a blog post about it in the future.

After letting the crust warm a little on the counter, I rolled it into a pie pan.

Next, I browned some sausage links that I had cut up into bite size pieces. This trick of using links cut into pieces can also be used on Italian sausage or bratwurst, when you cut them and then brown them, they plump up like little meat balls. This works great if you are one link short of one for everybody in your family to make a meal.

I added a large yellow onion and some baby bella mushrooms that I had in the bottom of my fridge. I was pleased with the good crust that I got on the mushrooms, I thanked the sausage fat for that.

Next, I poured my sausage mixture into my crust and put a couple handfuls of spinach on top. I sort of tossed the spinach and sausage mixture together.

I then went about preparing what will bind my pie together. Eggs. I cracked 8 eggs into a bowl and scrambled them. I added a little milk and did some more scrambling until the egg mixture. I added salt and pepper to the egg mixture as well as some garlic. It is easiest to add it here since the egg will be covering the rest of the pie.

I folded over the edges to keep the egg  mixture in the pan and the pie is ready to start baking at 350 degrees. I was using a toaster oven which has a tendency to brown the tops of things a little more than my big gas oven. To avoid burned cheese, I add the cheese almost half way through the baking but before the eggs have started to bake up, the eggs were just starting to cook around the edges. If you are using a conventional (not toaster) oven, you can preheat and just add your cheese before you put the pie in the oven.

I added a handful of mozzarella, a sprinkle of feta and a sprinkle of parmigiana. I was trying to clean out my fridge, so I pretty much just used up the bits of cheese in the bottoms of the bags that I had. You can use whatever kind of cheese you like.

Just bake the pie until the egg does not jiggle and the cheese is golden brown and bubbly. I had to watch mine and put aluminum foil on the top to keep my cheese from getting too brown because I used the toaster oven.

The baking took around 45 minutes at 350. It might take a little longer in a conventional oven.

Enjoy. We sure did.