Another Garden Post

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Here is another update on the garden.

Everything is growing and starting to produce food (YUM!)

The first harvest of the year was kale. It is actually kind of late for kale but I am trying to get a last minute crop in. Kale gets pretty bitter in hotter weather but I think I will try to make some kale chips or other preservation method when that becomes the case.

Yes, I know how awesome my hair looks in this picture. Just check out the kale. We love greens, kale included, but some people do not. My favorite recipe that includes kale but hides it is Tuscan Bean Soup from American’s Test Kitchen.

We made a pretty good dinner with our Kale. Here is a progression of the kale from our garden to our plates.

Baby Blanket for Kelly

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My cousin, Kelly, and her husband, Chris, are expecting a little boy in August. I thought it would be fun to make them a baby blanket. I used a pattern by Trish Mitberg called Chasing Rainbows. That pattern is available free online and can be found here. Here is the link to Trish’s blog.

For my version of this blanket, I used cotton. I had quite the stash on hand so I only needed to buy a couple of skeins to finish the blanket.

The pattern was easy and really fun to do. It is knitted from the center out and the way that she planned the increases gave it a pretty cool swirly/ skewed stripes effect. I got a little tired of knitting toward the outside of the blanket but that is just because the sides to so long.

I will probably knit this pattern again, it offers a ton of flexibility with the colors and is pretty mindless.If I do one for a little girl, I will probably do yarn overs for the increases instead of the invisible to give it a little flare and maybe a picot or lace edging.


Garden Take 2

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I wanted to give you all an update on how our garden was going.

We had quite a bit of rain and everything is growing. It is kind of crazy because all the plants, especially the broccoli will be noticeably larger.

We went to a garden plant sale at a wholesaler and got some great deals to finish planting. We added peppers (too many varieties of hot to mention), sweet peppers, sweet potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, butternut squash, zucchini squash, yellow zucchini squash, okra, and all sorts of tomatoes. I am sure that I am forgetting something here. Here are some pictures to show our progress.

All the plants were pretty mature when we planted them so I needed to pull extra dirt up around them and prevent weeds.

Alex found himself a little friend. We were turning over our compost pile and found this guy feasting on some ants. We relocated him to the cabbage patch to have him help us keep bugs away.