Urban Gardening

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I have always been a farm girl. A garden that is less than an acre, would be, quite frankly, an embarrassment where I am from. I have had to change my views a little since moving into a less isolated setting, our yard is less than a quarter acre. This year, my husband, and I (more me than him) decided that we should plant a real garden. Last year, I had a container garden that was less than successful. I hoped to be more in my element by actually planting a real garden.

We selected a little area in our back yard and began the process of begging, borrowing or stealing a tiller. We ended up finagling a new friend into helping. RJ (@YoungShepherd) and I met kind of randomly when he won a flock of goats and mentioned in his blog that he was in NE Oklahoma, I am very close to NE Oklahoma so I shot him a message telling him that I would be more than happy to help him with his flock. We have stayed in contact since.  Please check out his blog.

We went and picked RJ up at the animal shelter where I volunteer sometimes (his mom works there, she is a great lady). We all got back to the house and put him straight to work. He had to give Alex a lesson in tilling.

We had barely gotten started tilling, and we discovered some what of a road bump. We found an old fence post. The previous residents of this house must have been over-achievers, they encased a basic chain link fence post in three feet of concrete. We had to dig down the entire length of the post and then go buy a sledge hammer to escavate it from the middle of our garden. It was quite the ordeal.

We finally got the stupid post out of the ground and decided to take a break. We had lunch and I gave RJ a drop spindle lesson. He is wanting to learn some fiber working to get ready for his mohair sheering in the fall. RJ helped us finish up by working in some compost and some fertilizer. Our little garden was really starting to shape up.

Alex and I took RJ home and checked out his goats and chickens. That kid has some great livestock. We cannot wait to go back and see them all again.

We got back to the house and promptly started planting. I had started quite a few plants in containers and we got everything put into the ground. Alex rocked our green beans and purple green beans.

I was a good supervisor in my work boots.

All together we planted a row of green beans, purple beans, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, kale, head lettuce, celery, green cabbage and red cabbage. We were exhausted at the end of the day. We got a really nice rain to help everything get started the next day. We could not be happier.