Puppy Hats

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My cousin Ashley requested that I make her a couple of hats for here wee girl that look like her dogs. She has a sweet little pug named Tanner and a great dane named Gracie. They are great dogs and good friends of my own pups. She requested this about 4 months ago. I just finished these last night. I procrastinated.

Ashley had her daughter on February 2, 2012 and named her Rilynn Leigh. Rilynn weighed 5lbs 2oz and was 18 inches long. She is the more perfect beautiful baby if ever there was one. Rilynn is a lot like her momma, and every other woman in our family, in that she does things her own way and she could not wait to get into the world. This totally foiled my plans of having her puppy hats done in time for her to wear them when she got here, that is fine though, we are glad to have her.

I was really excited to knit this beautiful baby a couple of hats that look like her puppy friends but I was a little taken aback by the task. It is hard to make a hat look like an individual dog let alone two dogs that are so different in looks, size and shape. I took a stroll around Ravelry to find a hat that I could modify into being the perfect pug or dane hat.

The dane was the first one that I did and the actual knitting was the easy part on this one. Finding a yarn that matches the coloring of Gracie was a different story. Etsy came to my rescue, again, and I found this beautiful yarn by TheKnittedLoop.

This turned out to be the perfect yarn to match Gracie. I used a pattern by Keri McKiernan called Easy Peasy Newborn Sock Hat. I heavily modified this by adding ears and a nose as well as stitching on eyes and I ended up with a very cute “Gracie Hat”.

I was pretty happy with how this one turned out so I jumped right into the pug hat. I used some Misti Alpaca yarn that I had stashed that was pretty close to a Tanner color as well as some silk blend sock yarn I had stashed as well. I started with a pattern for a little turban that I found on Ravelry.  Lazy Daisy Dress-up kit by Anna & Heidi Pickles is the pattern that I used, the kit is a pattern for a really cute little dress but they also have a pattern for a little turban to go with it.

This is the original pattern with credit for the image going to Anna & Heidi Pickles. I knitted the hat as directed in the pattern and then added a little nose and eyes and ears. I think that it turned out really cute and the Alpaca made the hat so soft and snuggly. I cannot wait to see it on little Rilynn!

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Baby Blanket for Kelly

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My cousin, Kelly, and her husband, Chris, are expecting a little boy in August. I thought it would be fun to make them a baby blanket. I used a pattern by Trish Mitberg called Chasing Rainbows. That pattern is available free online and can be found here. Here is the link to Trish’s blog.

For my version of this blanket, I used cotton. I had quite the stash on hand so I only needed to buy a couple of skeins to finish the blanket.

The pattern was easy and really fun to do. It is knitted from the center out and the way that she planned the increases gave it a pretty cool swirly/ skewed stripes effect. I got a little tired of knitting toward the outside of the blanket but that is just because the sides to so long.

I will probably knit this pattern again, it offers a ton of flexibility with the colors and is pretty mindless.If I do one for a little girl, I will probably do yarn overs for the increases instead of the invisible to give it a little flare and maybe a picot or lace edging.


Hybrid Mittens Take 2

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I have had requests for the Hybrid Mittens pattern in the round.

I have decided to make Alex a pair of mittens to go with his hat that I made for him. These are knit on larger needles and slightly larger since they are for men and I plan to felt these.

Using Worsted weight yarn and US size 9 needles

Cast on 36 st. Place marker to show beginning.

Join in the round and work desired Cuff length ( I did 2.5″ in a 1×1 ribbing)

Work Mitten Body

Knit two rows

Knit 14, KFB, Knit 4, KFB, Knit 14(38st)

Knit 1 Row

Knit15, KFB, Knit4, KFB, Knit 15 (40)

Knit 3 Rows

Knit 16, KFB Knit 4, KFB , Knit 16 (42)

Knit 3 Rows

Knit 17, KFB, Knit 4, KFB, Knit 17 (44)

Knit 2 Rows

Knit 26 st, place 8 st (the 8 you just knitted) on stitch holder, knit 18

Knit 18 st, CO 2,  Join with other section and Knit 18 (38)

Work in stockinette stitch until the stockinette section measures 5″

Work Opening (first hand)

Knit 1, BO 17, Knit to end of row.

Knit1, CO 17, Knit to end of row.

Now you have the opening for the fingers.

Continue to work in Stockinette st  until desired length minus 1 in.

Decrease for Shaping:

  1. K2tog,K17,K2tog,K2tog,K17,K2tog (34st)
  2. K
  3. K2tog,K15,K2tog,K2tog,K15,K2tog (30st)
  4. K
  5. K2tog,K13,K2tog,K2tog,K13,K2tog (26 st)
  6. K
  7. K2tog,K11,K2tog,K2tog,K11, K2tog (22st)
  8. K2tog,K9,K2tog,K2tog,K9, K2tog (18st)
  9. K2tog,K7,K2tog,K2tog,K7, K2tog (14st)
  10. K2tog,K5,K2tog,K2tog,K5, K2tog (10st)

Cut a 5″ tail and pull through remaining stitches to close top of mitten.

Finish Opening:

  1. Pick up 17 of the bottom st.
  2. Work in 1x ribbing for 17 st.

Work in pattern for ½ in, BO in pattern

Work top portion in the same manner.

This will create an opening that will have a slight overlap.


  1. from inside center of thumb, PU 3, K8,PU3
  2. P
  3. K

Work in Stockinette St for 2 in

Decrease for Thumb

  1. K2tog,K2tog,K to last 4 st, K2tog,K2tog
  2. P
  3. K2tog x4

Please remember to knit the second mitten for the opposite hand. All you will need to do is follow the pattern except use this for the second hand. Everything else stays the same.

Work Opening (second hand)

Knit 18, BO 17, Knit 1

Knit18, CO 17, Knit 1.

Now you have the opening for the fingers.

Continue to work in Stockinette st  until desired length minus 1 in.

Cross Stitch Neckwarmer

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I finished this a while ago but just now got around to putting up the pictures.

Neck and Ear warmer


I got through 12″ of this pattern, which is about half of a neck warmer so I am going to have to go buy more yarn…oh shucks another trip to the yarn store 😉


So I made these great mittens and I wanted to make a neck warmer to go along with them. The yarn that I had left over was perfect and should be the right amount.

I found this great stitch a long time ago call the cross stitch. A lady had made some beautiful wash cloths out of it. I had forgotten all about it until I got my “101 Designer One-skein Wonders” book. They have a lovely pattern for a cross stitch scarf. I decided to combine what I had learned from all these patterns and decided to make my own for a lovely neck warmer.

The cross stitch pattern turned out to be quite confusing so I decided to make a video sharing what I learned with you all.