Another Disappearing 9 Patch

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I had so much fun making this Disappearing 9 Patch for little Cheyanne, I decided to make another one for my room mate from college, Sarah,  who is expecting a little one in May. Sarah has an amazing amount of self control and decided to not find out the sex of her wee one so I opted for some fabric that will be great for a little girl or boy.

Fabric Choices









When I picked out these beauties, I didn’t have my thinking cap on enough to count that I needed 5 fabrics to complete the 9 square, I purchased 4. Luckily, I have a small fabric stash and I was able to steal some orange to go along with the four leaf fabrics. I started this quilt by cutting the fabrics into the 5 inch squares and laid them out into the bottom pattern.

9 Patch Blocks









I am a very visual person so I can’t keep track of things unless I lay them out. I sewed together my 9 patch and kept trucking right along.

After sewing together the 9 patch, I made the two cuts and turned the blocks to get the final block that I wanted.

9 Patch= Gone

I really liked the way that the blocks melded together so I opted to not put a border between each of the blocks to make the quilt look like it is one large block that is more impressive than the effort that goes into it.

Quilt Top

I finished the top off by putting a border around to match.

Top with Border

I am planning on doing the finishing myself so I will update on how that goes.

Three Sisters Completed

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I bought fabric to make Rilynn a baby quilt and being a beginner quilter, I purchased way too much fabric for just one quilt. I ended up having enough fabric to make three. All of these quilts are backed and bound with the same fabric. They were machine quilted by L & T Machine Quilting in Cherryvale, KS. He did a very lovely job. I hope to do my own quilting in the future.

Rylinn’s Blanket

My cousin, Carla and I threw a baby shower for my cousin, Ashley, and her daughter, Rilynn. See the full post here. Carla had the great idea to make a baby quilt and then mail out pieces of fabric in the invitation to put together for the blanket.

I made a simple jelly roll blanket with inspiration from a picture that I found somewhere online. I would give credit but I can’t seem to find it again to provide a link so sorry if this was your design.

Here is the back so you can see the quilting. The backing and binding was done is a dark brown that matched the brown on the top. I like to use a darker backing and binding because those are the parts that get dirty first.

We mailed out the pieces of fabric and I made a pillow case to match the quilt. They turned out very cute and I am pretty happy with my first quilt.


Cheyenne’s Lost 9 Square

The good experience that I had with Rylinn’s blanket and all that extra fabric ended up in me going into a quilting frenzy. This was my second quilt. I found a great pattern online and made this quilt for some friends here in Coffeyville. You can see the whole post with more pictures here.

Here is a picture of my friend, Marlene’s two lovely girls, and the blanket that I made for Cheyenne.

I think that baby blankets look so much better with a baby laying on them. Don’t you? I have been the big sister watching the baby get all the gifts too many times so I always make sure to send something for the older siblings too. I made Maia that little dress that says “Big Sis”.

Please check out Marlene’s website while you are at it. She makes the most lovely soap and grows the best veggies.

Orange Border Blanket for Lily

I actually made this blanket to have as a spare in case Lily was a girl. My cousin Chris, and his wife, Heather have such a lovely family and they like to be surprised by the sex of the baby when it is born. I had a feeling all along that Lily was a girl so I took a gamble and make her a very girly blanket before she was born (I don’t know what I would have done if she were a boy).

The Orange Border Baby Blanket has all the details in its own post. That can be found here.

Again, I think that baby blankets are so much more beautiful with babies on them.

Please check out Chris’ blog. He is great about keeping it updated and his family is so fun. I mentioned being the big sister envious of a new baby earlier in this post. Lily is lucky enough to have a big brother and a big sister. We sent legos for the big brother and I made a little dress for the big sister.

I love welcoming a new baby with a hand made gift and the idea of literally wrapping them in love. I am so thankful that I am able to do this for my friends and family. I really enjoyed making all of these blankets but if people don’t stop with all these babies soon, I am not going to be able to keep up. I guess that it is a good thing that practice makes perfect.




Sleep Pants

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I bought a pair of sleep pants at a huge discount store and they cut the label out of them so I have no idea who made them or even what size they are but they are the most comfortable sleep pants I have ever owned.

I have a bunch of plaid fabric left over from my grandma’s shirt making days that she handed down. I decided to re-create these sleep pants.

I started laying the pants out and tracing around them onto wrapping paper. I am sure there are better ways to do this but this was the only paper that I owned that was long enough to have one piece.

Once the pattern was traced with 1/2 inch seam allowances, I cut out the plaid. You need make no comment on how awesome that wrapping paper is.

I cut out two pieces of my pattern on the fold. this means that I only have two seams, one up each leg to make the legs. I sewed my seam, checked the size by trying them on and then did a zigzag stitch on my seam so that it will not fray in the wash. I do not have a surger so I just used the zigzag. I used a white thread because I already had the bobbins wound and was lazy. They are just sleep pants so I was not too worried about aesthetics.

I put in an elastic waste and a pocket on the back because there is nothing more annoying than lounge pants and nowhere to put your phone.

This is what I ended up with. They are comfy and wonderful. I did a little detail of puppies on the pocket.

Please forgive the model, she is not a professional. The photographer is not up to my usual standards either.

I am happy with my pants and they were a good warm up to make my Easter skirt that I will have a post on soon.

I will leave you with these cute puppies and the pillow cases that I made.



Odds, Ends and Greens

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We have had some unseasonably warm weather this winter. We have not been below freezing for a few weeks and it is not forecasted to be too cold again for the next few weeks so I took a gamble and planted my greens. I worked up the garden where I put my herbs last year because it is in the nook of our house and is protected and allows for me to protect the plants if we do get a cold snap.

I planted kale in two rows closest to the house and then planted spinach next to the kale. I mixed three packets of lettuce seed and then just sprinkled it in the middle section.

I have been working on some larger projects lately that are still in progress and I am behind blogging about some smaller ones. This post will act as a preview of some awesome things to come as well as a look back at somethings that I overlooked.

I am working on a smaller lap blanket. You might recognize the “LOVE Blocks” from a couple of posts ago. I made myself a set of the blocks and I am adding some paper pieced heart blocks. I am really happy with how this is turning out and I will update you as I make more progress.

I am using up scraps of fabric from the apron what was not after I messed up the cutting for my friend Sarah. I made her a set of the “Love Blocks” that she is using as a table runner, she loved them. I had a bunch of fabric left over and I really like the color combination and how it is coming together. I love this fabric and I can make myself feel better about my crafting when I do not have to go buy a bunch of supplies for a project.

I used this same fabric to make a gift for some friends at Christmas.


They wanted to learn to knit so put together a kit with some yarn (from my stash), some knitting needles and I made these carrying cases to keep all their goodies in. You can see that the top pockets have a closure. The middle pockets are for knitting needles and other straight longer supplies like a ruler, etc. The bottom pockets can hold circular needles or really anything else. The kit all folds up into an easy to store and carry bundle.





Two Color Star

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I finished the fifth quilt block in this Solstice Stars Series quilt along. Two Color Star is the last block in this series. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I did cheat a little and made a three color star. I am still working on finishing using up the fabric samples and none that matched my other blocks had enough fabric to make the rest of this block out of. This is a pieced quilt block and it actually came together better than my other pieced blocks so I think I am making progress on improving my skills.


I am pleased with how the quilt is coming together. I think that I have a plan on how I want to finish these blocks and make them into a quilt. Here are the five stars together.

Super Sunday

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Today was a huge day. I got so many things completed or close to complete. I am pretty proud of myself.

I started out the morning with trying a recipe that I saw on Pinterest.  If you are not on this site, you should be. It is more addicting than StumbleUpon so consider yourself warned. I saw this recipe and, of course, I didn’t actually pin it so I improvised this recipe.

I placed one can of flaky biscuits in a bundt pan with plenty of brown sugar, white sugar and cinnamon on top. I poured melted butter over the sugared biscuits and then baked them. I was pretty happy with how they turned out. I had to hide the last one to take to work for breakfast in the morning. I served the biscuits with apple sauce, yum!

I jumped right into working on a “Love” quilt that I am making. This was really just a procrastination of doing what I needed to do, which was finishing the “Love” wall hangings that I have been working on.

I finally got myself motivated to finish these up after wasting some time graphing out this “Love” quilt on graph paper . These projects were another Pinterest find. It was a great find too because I found this great blog and started subscribing to it in my google reader. Sew Mama Sew has a great site with tons of freebies and helpful information, be sure to check her out.

She teamed up with Kelly from Kelbysews to offer a tutorial and a few free letters for a True Love ~Love Mini-Quilt. The mini- quilt uses paper piecing. I am new to this skill but it keeps cropping up in my projects recently so I thought it would be fun to make a couple of gifts using the free pattern.

I made the first block using up the decorator fabric samples that I have been trying to work through and some green cotton that is probably older than I am from my Grandma’s stash.

This turned out so cute and I felt so good about actually being frugal that I made a second one out of some fabric that I purchased to make my roommate at the time, an apron. The apron got procrastinated and then I didn’t have a sewing machine. When I finally sat down to make the apron. I cut it out wrong and ruined the pieces to finish.  The fabric was still fine, it was just too small to make an apron without a seam in the middle. The whole project was shoved into a Rubbermaid container just waiting to become something lovely. I thought that it was only appropriate to use the fabric that I purchased for my roommate to make something else for her. I made her this love block using the non-traditional valentines colors. This is labeled as a “Mini-Quilt” but I thing that it would make a really nice wall hanging to put up in February.

I am not sure why the block looks so mis-shaped, It is actually a nice rectangle but I think that the ground  under the pic made it look lumpy. Sorry about that.

I liked this colors in these blocks so much, I made a second set for myself. I am currently working on turning it into a quilt, along with some other heart blocks. That is another post.

After finishing these and eating lunch, I set out to taking a shawl off the blocking board. I started this shawl, seriously, two years ago. I recently set out to rid myself of knitting UFOs (unfinished objects). This was on the list. I started it two years ago to give as a gift and luckily enough, that person’s birthday has not happened yet this year so I can still give it to them.

For the shawl, I used Citron which was published in Knitty in 2009. This is my second time using this pattern. It is a lot of fun to knit until you get to the end and then it takes forever.  I did like how the yarn pooled on this pattern. The stripes get smaller as the shawl gets bigger which makes for a pretty fun effect. I am happy with the result.

Continuing in the battle against UFOs I found a lone sock in project bag with some yarn. I finished the second stock today. These are a two year old birthday gift for a friend from work.

This evening, I was feeling pretty accomplished but still motivated. I started on quilting the baby quilt that I am making for baby Lawson. I will have a whole post on that when I complete it. This will be my first quilt doing the quilting as well as the piecing. I will let you know how it goes.

Star of Mystery

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I finished the fourth quilt block in this Solstice Stars Series quilt along. The Star of Mystery is another paper pieced block and  I am really enjoying working with my new paper piecing skills. This is my second paper pieced block and I have used the paper piecing in other projects that I have been working on. I really like how precise it allows me to be without having to pay a ton of attention.

I am pleased with how the quilt is coming together. Fresh Lemons has one more block in this series so I will finish that block and then hopefully find another star block or duplicate one of these blocks to round out six blocks for a lap quilt or baby blanket or something. I have not really decided what the end product will be yet. Please leave me a comment with your suggestions.

Orange Border Baby Blanket

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This is the third blanket in a series of “Sisters” that I made. I purchased way too much fabric for the first blanket that I made. I guess it is good that I liked the fabric because I ended up making three blankets from it so far. (Yes, I have more left)

I got inspiration for this blanket from a series of jelly roll blankets that I had seen while looking for patterns for Ashley’s baby blanket.

I improvised this pattern using the 5″x5″ squares that I had from Ashley’s baby blanket and a background fabric that I picked up on the sale rack at Hobby Lobby. I cut the background fabric into 5″x5″ squares and the pattern fabric squares in half to create 2.5″x5″ rectangles and laid the pieces out to create the diagonal lines that make the pattern in this quilt.

I then sewed the blocks into long strips and simply sewed the strips together.

I was pretty happy with the result but I thought that this blanket needed a little color to finish it off. I found a really bright orange at a local quilt shop that match the orange in some of the print fabric and attached a 3″ border.

I do not have anybody in particular in mind for this blanket but I have lots of friends and family with babies coming so I know that it will go to a good home. This quilt top along with the other two “sisters” are at the quilter getting finished, currently, once I have them all back, I will post a picture of the finished quilts.


Another Star Quilt Block

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I finished the third block in this star series that is being put on by Fresh Lemons. I am really enjoying the quilt along so far and I am learning a ton. I have even been able to incorporate some of the skills that I have learned doing this quilt along into my other projects. If you are enjoying following my renditions of these patterns please check out the Fresh Lemons Flickr page as well as her blog.

I am still in the process of using up my stash of decorator’s fabric so I am trying to keep this in mind when I am picking fabrics for each block. I have about about 12″ x 12″ so I am limited on size. I think that I have done pretty well so far keeping them matching.

I am getting ready to run into an unforseen issue and that is running out of my background fabric. I am going to need to go to the fabric store and see if they have more. I would really like to finish the quilt with the same background fabric since the pieces may not be as cohesive as I would have chosen.


Uh Oh… I lost my 9 Square

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I have been experimenting with different quilting techniques. This was my second attempt at a quilt after the one that I made using a jelly roll technique for my cousin, Ashley. This quilt is based upon a free tutorial from Quilts and ATCs.  She has all kinds of “disappearing 9 square” tutorials so be sure to check her out.

I started out using the same fabric from my jelly roll quilt which was cut into 5″ square.

I did have to cut a few more of the solid white pieces to fill in but this was a great way to use up my extras (I bought WAY too much fabric on the first quilt).

These pieces are then sewn into a simple “9 Square” which is just a block that is 9 of the 5″ put into a 3×3 matrix

The next step is to cut your 9 square in the middle both ways. You will have four pieces.

You then turn two of your four “blocks” 108 degrees in the same direction.

You can see that the top right and the bottom left got turned 180 degrees. This is looks more confusing than it actually is. I tried it with paper first so I could play with my colors and patterns to understand how it was going to work. The confusion will not be helped by my post because I was not careful to document my movements. Please see the Quilts and ATC’s post for a better tutorial.

After you sew these “blocks” together, you will have disappeared your 9 square and end up with a full block that looks like this:

I put four of these blocks together to make a small baby blanket. A guy that I work with, and his wife, are having a baby. I think that I will finish this quilt top for them.